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A site dedicated to knowledge and information sharing in and around the areas of Intelligent Buildings and Smart Communities, so let us discover, learn and together create better and more sustainable buildings and communities!


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Will BIM (Building Information Modelling) be standard in all new projects and how will it improve building performance, learn more and see what the experts talk about:



What is Smart Metering, is it different from traditional AMR schemes and do individual metering and billing in residential schemes have an impact on the total energy usage - have a look under the IBI4 Tenanst tab or see what others are saying:



Today there is no shortage of technology and solutions, but will it all add value to our life, is it going to make us more sustainable, or is it just gadgets to play with? We will try to share some light on this topic and many others, but what do you think? Share your thoughts on our blog : ibi4.cdcbit.com

Carbon tax - a good incentive for change!